BEFORE Summer 2010

Truffle grows only in fields with specific natural and chemical characteristics. Carbonate and alkaline Ph are two essential ingredients that have to be present in the soil.

The most appropriate fields are those that are not too “heavy”, those with sufficient drainage due to their natural slope and those with rocks and gravels. All these soil ingredients facilitate the circulation of oxygen, which is essential for the growth of truffles.

AFTER Summer 2013

Truffles are not only valuable and rare to find, they are also “demanding” when it comes to the field they grow. However, even those types of truffle that are easier to cultivate need special fields.

That is why before we start doing anything else we need to ask specialized laboratories to test if the soil has the proper composition. We also take into consideration other factors such as the height of the field, its sun exposure, the temperatures and the flora of the region.